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The Akozees are a waddle of penguins separated from their family due to the metaverse heating uptheir habitats being destroyed and trying to find their way back home. They now go on a journey in a not so ice-cold metaverse to scavenge, explore, find a new home and discover the secrets of their ancestors.

11,000  Total Supply

200+  Traits

About Akozee & Our Purpose

This is Akozee, and Akozees are more than just PFPs and "utility", it's a whole community.

Akozee isn't just about an NFT collection, we're bringing a whole new and never seen before style to Ethereum.

Our mission and aim for Akozee is to be a brand that is globally recognized, and not just an NFT, while that might sound bland and uninspiring, just trust the process. We want this community to be welcoming space for everyone. (Not just for people who like penguins)

Buying an Akozee gives you "perks" and "utility", you not only get access to members/holders-only Discord text & voice channels, you also get to participate in events, and giveaways! (Most likely IRL events??? NFT.London?)

We are also going to be donating some of our net profit to different charities, which will gone over in more detail in the sections below.

We like to take feedback and criticism to improve what we do, so if there's anything you would like or prefer gone, please tell us about it in the Discord server!


While we know that our roadmap might be dull and boring, but we don't want to overpromise anything, and we've got big plans ahead, we also know that's easy to say, but trust us!

Keep in mind that the roadmap is subject to change to provide more value to the community!

We're working on a new roadmap, so expect BIG things!


Promotion & Community Growth — Akozee starts with community building through social media marketing, promotions and partnerships with other NFT projects.


Launch & Mint — Akozee launches with the Pre-Sale, then the Public Sale, Akozee NFT holders get perks. Going to be donating a portion of our net profit to different charities, look in the 'Charity' section below.


Launch & Mint — Akozee launches with the Pre-Sale, then the Public Sale, Akozee NFT holders get perks. Going to be donating a portion of our net profit to different charities, look in the 'Charity' section below.


Partnership & Collaborations — Reserve some ETH for some more partnerships and collaborations


Possibly IRL Events & New Collection — NFT.London in November, 2022??? And new collection drops where the Akozee has a new generation, and all Akozee holders can claim a free NFT, more details will be released soon.


Expansion — Introduce new staff and moving further with the Akozee brand, bigger plans coming!


We will be donating some of our net profit to different charities, here are the charities we are going to donate to, and there may be more in the future.

Thanks to TheGivingBlock we can donate using crypto to some of these fundraising campaigns and/or organizations.


Our Discord is invite-only, for the moment.

You can unlock your member-only perks such as private channels, members-only giveaways and events, members-only voice channels and many things planned soon in the Discord community if you own an Akozee NFT, however, if you don't own one, you can still join the penguins!

Follow the Akozee Twitter for new Discord invites!



founder | artist

The two founders of Akozee, has done illustrations for over a decade. Used to draw fashion concept designs.


founder | developer

The two founders of Akozee, NFT enthusiast and young coder, has done coding for almost four years.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can head over to the learn/setup page to get you started with the world of Web3, the NFT space and even how to mint NFTs and maybe, you might be interested and mint an Akozee NFT!

Akozee is an NFT collection with the goal of not only revolutionizing Web3 and NFTs, but into a Web2 brand that is globally recognized by everyone so Akozee can thrive in not only Web3, but on Web2 as well, simultaneously.

Akozee is going to reside on the Ethereum blockchain.

Akozee is starting the pre-sale on 9/6 (Sep 6), 9:09AM EST.

Then the Pre-Sale ends right before the Public Sale and the Public Sale starts on 9/9 (Sep 9), 9:09AM EST and ends when all the NFTs are minted.

The total supply is 11,000 (11K).

For the Pre-Sale (Whitelisted/Allowlisted users only), minting an Akozee NFT is going to cost 0.01 ETH.
However, for the Public Sale, minting an Akozee NFT is going to cost 0.03 ETH.

~300 NFTs - Held for Staff Team, giveaways, partnerships and OG holders.

~8,700 NFTs - Whitelist/Pre-Sale, 1283 people, You are allowed to mint at a maximum 2 NFTs, Free Mint each (Not including gas).

~2000 NFTs & the other unminted NFTs from the Pre-Sale - Public Sale, Maximum mint is 2 NFTs, 0.005 ETH each (extremely cheap).

Akozee was created and founded by two people, @loftyruby and @pyxdot.

Akozee earns 8% from all secondary royalties (when you resell your Akozee NFT). However, it earns 7% from Rarible and the Akozee custom marketplace.

You can use your Akozee NFT for "personal use", such as profile pictures, banners, etc. However, you cannot use your Akozee NFT for "commercial use", such as turning it into a brand, selling merchandise of your Akozee NFT, or anything with the intention of generating some form of revenue from your Akozee NFT other than selling your Akozee NFT on NFT marketplaces or anywhere else.

TL:DR, basically, you can use your Akozee as your banner, PFP, etc, but you can't turn it into a brand or have an intention of earning some sort of money from your Akozee NFT other than selling it on an NFT marketplace.

The Akozee NFTs are going to be revealed 24-48 hours after all the Akozee NFTs get minted out.

Currently, Akozee is not released yet, but before releasing there's going to be a Pre-Sale, and then when released, a Public Sale.

Whitelisted people can mint 2 Akozee NFTs for free! (Not counting gas)